Terms & Conditions

This Contract binds both the Company and the Learner once both parties sign this Contract. If the Learner is under eighteen (18) years of age, the Learner will be represented by the Parent/Legal Guardian.




The Contract shall enter into effect on the date mentioned above and remain in full force and effect during the Term mentioned in schedule A, unless sooner terminated.


All interested learners are required to comply with the CFC APAC’s entry requirements and application procedures, including the submission of supporting documents, and/or attending a pre-enrolment screening/interview.


All applications are subjected to review by CFC APAC and the decision is final.


CFC APAC will deliver the Course as set out in Schedule A to the Learner, towards conferment of the stated qualification upon successful Course completion.


The Course Fees payable are set out in Schedule B and the optional Miscellaneous Fees in Schedule C.


The indicated fee payable (inclusive of GST if applicable*) will cover both the training sessions as well as the course project and will also take into account the funding / grants that the applicant is eligible for.


An applicant can only enjoy the subsidy / grant (If available) once for a programme unless stated otherwise. In the event an applicant fails to achieve the competency and/or attendance required for the programme, a full fee is payable upon re-enrolment.


For programmes with a screening component, the applicable screening fee would be borne by unsuccessful applicants. In such cases, no funding / grant (if available) could be utilised.


A non-refundable administration fee of 10% of the programme fee (inclusive of GST if applicable*) is applicable for every change request; e.g. withdrawal from a programme, rescheduling of module and/or assessment, including reassessment etc. unless stated otherwise.


Enrolment may be cancelled if payment is not received within one week of the course commencement date.


CFC APAC considers payment made 7 days after the scheduled due date(s) in Schedule B as late. CFC APAC will explain to the Learner its policy for late payment of Course Fees, including any late payment fee charged in Schedule C (if applicable) and any impact on Course/module completion (if applicable).



Learners are expected to take responsibility of their learning journey in CFC to benefit fully from the programme. Full attendance for all classes is therefore strongly encouraged.


Absence, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, has to be substantiated by a medical certificate or valid documentary proof.


Learners unable to meet the minimum requirement of completion of the scenarios and project per module are required to reschedule the cohort to retake the module. Rescheduling requests are subjected to an administrative fee highlighted in Clause 1.8. A maximum of 1 reschedule requests is allowed.


For corporate sponsored learners, a report of the attendance, completion of the scenarios and projects may be provided upon request.

To be eligible for absentee payroll claims, the completion of the scenarios and project per module are mandatory and a minimum attendance rate of 75% is necessary.


Applicants enrolled into the programme are obliged to successfully complete all the labs, scenarios and projects according to the programme requirements. Otherwise, CFC reserves the right to withhold the reimbursement of any funding or grant.



All learners are required to complete the labs and meet the scenarios and project requirements for the programme, where applicable. Learners may be requested to withdraw from the programme if they fail to meet the requirement as determined by CFC based on its judgment of the learner’s performance.


Details of the scenarios and project arrangement are contained in Schedule A.



Request for withdrawal from a programme is subjected to review by CFC APAC and the decision is final. CFC APAC reserves the right to request for supporting document(s).


Learners who withdraw on their own accord or fail to complete the programme/module within the programme period described in Schedule A are deemed to have withdrawn and will not be eligible for funding subsidy for the same programme a second time, should the learner register at a later date.


6. Media Release


Classroom (Including Online) training and assessment sessions may be recorded by CFC for internal review or administrative purposes. Names and photographs, audio, or videos taken of the learners during the course at the school or during any learner activities may occasionally be used for training purposes or in marketing materials.


Learner agrees to provide their name, the organisation they are employed under, their roles or designation and their story for CFC APAC to use as testimonials or marketing purposes.


CFC reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programmes or modules.


Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:

CFC APAC will notify the Learner within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following:

  1. It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;

  2. It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date;

  3. It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date;

  4. It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date; or

  5. It has not ensured that the Learner meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline; 


The Learner should be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Learner decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice.


Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:

If the withdrawal notice is given less than 1 week(s) before the programme start date, or when the programme has commenced, the paid fees will not be refunded.

If the Learner withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Clause 2.1, CFC APAC will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the Learner’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Learner an amount based on the Refund Table in Schedule D.


Refund During Cooling-Off Period:

CFC APAC will provide the Learner with a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties.

7. Additional Information


CFC respects the protection of personal data. By providing your personal information, you allow CFC to contact you on all courses related matters, during and after your course of learning at CFC; including end of course outcome evaluation, surveys and provision of information on continuing professional and/or capability development courses by CFC or its appointed representatives.


Any information that you submit or disclose to CFC (including your personal data) maybe

disclosed by CFC to:-

(i) the Government of the Republic of Singapore;

(ii) any other Singapore statutory board; and

(iii) any third party engaged by CFC to maintain, repair or enhance CFC’s website(s),

to perform research or survey(s), or to otherwise perform services for CFC

(Collectively the “Recipients”) for such purpose deemed appropriate by CFC. You

agree not to hold CFC responsible or accountable in any way for the manner in which

any Recipient uses, handles or further discloses the information that you submit or

disclose to CFC.


This website may contain links to non-Government websites of third parties whose data

protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the contents of, and data protection or privacy practices applicable to, these other websites.


If any provision of this Contract shall be held to be illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any enactment or rule of law, the remainder of this Contract shall not be affected thereby.


The Learner undertakes to treat all information, data and documentation that he has  become aware of during the Contract and / or during the execution of this Contract as confidential information and take responsibility to keep them confidential. The Learner undertakes to maintain the strict confidentiality and not to disclose confidential information to any third party, unless expressly permitted by this contract or with the prior written consent of CFC APAC.


 This Contract is written and executed in the English language. Any translation into any other language shall not be an official version of this Contract and in the event of any conflict in interpretation between the English version and such translation, the English version shall prevail.


This Contract shall be governed by the Laws of Singapore. Any dispute arising from this Contract will be amicable settled by the Parties. If an amicable settlement cannot be reached, the case shall be settled by the jurisdiction of Singapore.