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Courses for Businesses

Secure Your Workforce

Empower your team with the cybersecurity skills needed to defend your organization

Secure Your Organization

We help companies strengthen their cybersecurity posture to prevent cyber attacks through up-to-date cybersecurity skills and knowledge.

Upgrade Your Team's Technical Capabilities

Equip your cybersecurity team with the latest skills needed to tackle the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

Build a cyber safe culture within your organization to safeguard against crippling cyber attacks.

Security Requirement Consultation

Worried about your cybersecurity needs? Speak to us to find out how to best safeguard your organization.

We work with the best

Singapore Flyer
Goldman Sachs

Fostering High Quality Foundational Understanding of Cybersecurity

I was introduced to cybersecurity and I got curious about what this field entailed. I joined the cybersecurity courses by CFC and had a whole new experience.

The job placement opportunity towards the end provided me with multiple interview opportunities and a role in a MNC.

The trainers were patient and extremely detailed, they made sure no student was left behind as the course can be challenging at times.

I would have never thought I could become a cybersecurity professional in just 6 months.

CFC Alumni
Fostering High Quality Foundational Understanding of Cybersecurity

Kickstarting Lucrative Cybersecurity Careers

CFC's Career Kickstart cybersecurity course gave me the necessary skills to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. The hands-on elements of the course allowed me to acquire actual cybersecurity skills that employers value.

Anyone who wants an actual shot at a cybersecurity career shouldn't think twice about joining CFC.

CFC Alumni
Kickstarting Lucrative Cybersecurity Careers

Supportive Training: Detailed Guidance for Every Student

The experience was incredible; I discovered a true passion for cybersecurity. This course made a career transition into cybersecurity not only possible but exciting, even without prior IT background.

CFC Alumni
Supportive Training: Detailed Guidance for Every Student

Empowering Technical and Soft Skills Development

I've referred numerous friends to CFC. Centre for Cybersecurity has been instrumental in my personal and technical development, significantly advancing my IT and cybersecurity skills. It's provided me with the finest education, and I'm eager to pursue further education with CFC.

CFC Alumni
Empowering Technical and Soft Skills Development

Unparalleled Cybersecurity Learning Experience

The cybersecurity course surpassed my expectations and is on a level of its own, which made it one of the better decisions I’ve had the privilege to make. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a high-quality foundational understanding of cybersecurity and the practical skills associated with said level of knowledge.

CFC Alumni
Unparalleled Cybersecurity Learning Experience

We understand your needs

Boost your team’s security skills

Companies and organizations in today's digitally-connected world are prime targets for cybersecurity criminals.

Preparing your workforce to face these threats are crucial to prevent severe consequences such as reputational damage, fines and loss of customer trust.

Speak to us to find out how we can educate your workforce to defend against cyber threats.

We will help you assess and understand the following

What are your current vulnerabilities?

What’s your team’s current skillset?

How can we help address these vulnerabilities?

Programs available

Discover the various courses available for businesses and organizations. We offer cybersecurity courses for both technical and non-technical employees, ensuring your organization is protected at all levels.

Secure Your Future

Find out more about how we can help you secure your future in cybersecurity

Reach out to us!