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Top Tips To Penetrating A Cybersecurity Career From A CFC Graduate

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January 14, 2024
3 min
Top Tips To Penetrating A Cybersecurity Career From A CFC Graduate

Cybersecurity career In Singapore

Cybersecurity careers are increasingly sought after and attract people of all professional training and across a range of industry expertise. As an industry in demand and receptive to innovation and global expansion, the cybersecurity space is open to non-traditional education, making high-growth and competitively paying jobs accessible to people from all economic and educational backgrounds. 

Apart from certifications, programming and digital know-how, few realize that cybersecurity also focuses on how people work and think. That’s one distinct skill differentiation the Centre for Cybersecurity places emphasis on. Top cybersecurity talent also has a solid understanding of overseas markets, useful networks, and good experience working in a cross-cultural environment.

For Wan, a penetration tester with iHiS, his desire to learn and upskill continuously was a central factor in his ability to transition from a desktop engineer to a cybersecurity career. As the field of cyber security is constantly shifting with new technology, unforeseeable vulnerabilities and forms of attack and defense, Wan enjoys staying informed and has a knack for putting together information from different places or disciplines. Wan shares more about his dogged determination and other insights into his entry into a cybersecurity career.

Developing a learning mindset

Curiosity, an analytical mind and speaking to professionals and experts in the field pushed Wan to identify cybersecurity as the right career choice.

“What motivated me was a shift I saw in the number of security issues. There were more rules in place, and more regulations to follow. There was another shift I noticed – the segmentation between IT and cybersecurity. Hacking, pen-testing, security analyst; these were foreign names to me. I thought to myself, maybe I will slowly progress from CCNA and Microsoft Server certification before I slowly try to cross into cybersecurity.” 

Practical work that models a cybersecurity job

In an ever-evolving and highly innovative space, Wan says CFC’s Cybersecurity Experiential Workshop (CEW) equipped him to meet cybersecurity demands through everyday practice. He adds, “Throughout the 6 hours, we’re given insights into what cybersecurity is, learn the required skills and even have a hands-on session on the Cyberium Arena to experience a day in the life of a cybersecurity practitioner.” 

Simplicity for success

Simplicity through an acute understanding of technical issues is key to achieving plenty and often is useful to thriving in technical careers. Wan says, “It is important to understand how to safely navigate risk or complexity without inconveniencing oneself. Cybersecurity is typically seen as a cost and a hindrance. Still, once we understand its importance, we can adopt simple measures in our businesses that can make a world of difference in our cybersecurity.”

Communicating to position and upsell cybersecurity skills

Communication is vital to building sales and branding of a cybersecurity business to clients, partners, Internet communities, Web 3.0, research and development and tech professionals. Wan adds, “Being able to communicate with cybersecurity terms and simplified terms together will be critical to get a good career in cybersecurity. This is usually in written format, but sometimes it’s also verbal. This would go a long way in cybersecurity. For job interviews, it’s about knowing your fundamentals at the tip of your fingers, admitting and being honest about what you know and don’t know, and showing what you’re working on.”

Empowerment as a student equals confident professionals

Wan credits CFC with developing his confidence and ability to integrate his ideas, problem-solving and skill-based training at work. 

“CFC is tactical and honest, at teaching leadership skills by giving people the skills, tools, and data they need to inspire their people. Most organizations don’t have this depth of leadership experience or training.”

Contemplating a switch to a dynamic and rewarding cybersecurity career or a more specialist role? Contact CFC to get started on your cybersecurity journey.

Reach out to us on WhatsApp to begin your cybersecurity journey.

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