About Centre for Cybersecurity

Centre For Cybersecurity is a Singapore-based cybersecurity training centre for continuous cybersecurity training, education and work placement. We are the only cybersecurity course in Singapore that offers access to the top-of-the-line Cyberium Arena simulator used by governmental, military and private organisations globally.

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Our Mission

Secure the future of cybersecurity personnel through top-notch cybersecurity training, certification and career fulfilment.

Our Goal

Engineer a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem through exceptional personnel and industry-leading local instructors.

Our Vision

Make career navigation and skill development in cybersecurity simpler, more enjoyable, and fully accessible in South-East Asia.

Our Philosophy

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We believe in carefully nurturing our students as they are our children of the future of cybersecurity.

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We believe clarity of the cybersecurity industry is pertinent in helping our students navigate this ever-changing market.

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We believe learning is enhanced through shared knowledge in a close-knit community.

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We focus on being relevant to ensure the information and cybersecurity skills we provide have real-world impact.

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Our Team


Ethan Seow


Ethan is a TEDx & Creative Mornings speaker, author, entrepreneur and ex-medical student who was specialising in psychiatry. His passion for mental health led him to develop an interest in culture design, as the culture of the companies and communities dictate the emotional wellness of the employees, and in turn the productivity and turnover.

Centre for Cybersecurity is his latest project where his focus is on helping developing a sustainable ecosystem in the industry by connecting experts, training partners, instructors and learners together.

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James Lim

Head of Curriculum

James has spent the past ten years in the education industry, from planning and teaching to understanding learners' matching to suitable tutors.

He is interested in providing every individual with the best learning experience, taking into account the backgrounds of learners and educators.

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Earnest Lim

Head of Growth

Earnest has 7 years of experience growing startups and SMEs to achieve 6-to-7 figure returns through digital platforms. His past startups have been featured in The Straits Times, Vulcan Post and more.


He is passionate about evangelising and educating any individual who has the potential to become a cybersecurity hero.


David Shiffman


David is an accredited expert in information security and cyber operations with over 15 years of experience. Senior trainer to special forces and secret service worldwide. Developed the CYBERIUM ARENA simulator and leading a talented team of security professionals across research, training, and development of new tools and capabilities.


From consultant to instructor and now in Thinkcyber, my experience includes years of exploring and instructing on cyber security topics, engaging with military, government and enterprise customers worldwide.

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Ken Lim

Head of Placement

Ken has been planning & executing for Network Infrastructure and IT Office Design Projects.

His military and corporate experiences have provided him with vast exposure in IT security and networking.

His interest in exploring the latest IT technologies and trends allows him to keep abreast of the current development and offer valuable insights to Centre for Cybersecurity.

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Dhaval Bhate

Operations Manager

Dhaval brings his background in sociology and over 10 years of people and customer management. He uses sociological analyses to devise solutions and improvements to close operational gaps in the company.

He understands the cultural and economic differences that characterise student motivations and demographics and seeks ways to build sustainable relationships with them.

From a scholar of sociology to managing cross cultural relationships at workplaces, Dhaval takes pride and satisfaction in developing business solutions with his focus on groups, organisations, and human interactions.

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