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About Centre for Cybersecurity

Centre For Cybersecurity is a Singapore-based cybersecurity training centre for continuous cybersecurity training, education and work placement. We are the only cybersecurity course in Singapore that offers access to the top-of-the-line Cyberium Arena simulator used by governmental, military and private organisations globally.

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Our Mission

Secure the future of cybersecurity personnel through top-notch cybersecurity training, certification and career fulfilment.

Our Goal

Engineer a sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem through exceptional personnel and industry-leading local instructors.

Our Vision

Make career navigation and skill development in cybersecurity simpler, more enjoyable, and fully accessible in South-East Asia.

Our Philosophy

Centre for Cybersecurity - Care

We believe in carefully nurturing our students as they are our children of the future of cybersecurity.

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Centre for Cybersecurity - Clarity


We believe clarity of the cybersecurity industry is pertinent in helping our students navigate this ever-changing market.

Centre for Cybersecurity - Community
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We believe learning is enhanced through shared knowledge in a close-knit community.

Centre for Cybersecurity - Contextual
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We focus on being relevant to ensure the information and cybersecurity skills we provide have real-world impact.

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Kickstart Your New Career Today

Speak to us to begin your cybersecurity career.


Centre for Cybersecurity ThinkCyber Endorsement
Centre for Cybersecurity ThinkCyber Endorsement
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