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About Our Courses

About Our Courses

Find out more about our cybersecurity courses in this FAQ

Are there physical classes available?

Courses for individuals are online as a majority of our students are working adults and prefer to have lessons online from the comfort of their home. Courses for businesses can be conducted both online or on-premise at the client's location if preferred.

Are there full-time classes available?

We do not offer full-time classes at the moment as a majority of our students are working adults and are only able to attend lessons in the evenings and weekends.

I don't have any programming or IT background, can I join the course?

The course is suitable for individuals with no programming or IT background. A majority of our students do not come from technical backgrounds. The course is designed for absolute beginners and students will be guided throughout the training.

Are there any prerequisites to joining the course?

We do not have prerequisites to join the course. However, as the course is conducted in English and involves the heavy use of computers, students should have competency in those two areas.

How do I find out more about your courses?

Please message us on WhatsApp at +6569509112 or book a free information session at

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