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Frequently Asked Questions

About Certifications

About Certifications

Find out more about cybersecurity certifications in this FAQ

Do you issue certifications?

We do not issue or facilitate the attainment of entry-level cybersecurity certifications such as the CEH orCompTIA Security+ as those certifications only provide a brief understanding of cybersecurity from a theoretical point of view. We focus heavily on teaching the technical skillsets that allow individuals to gain employment in the industry. We issue a certification of completion together with the transcript for employers to assess our graduate's technical capabilities.

Do I need certifications to get a job?

For entry-level roles, certifications are not compulsory. Almost all of our graduates who secured a career after our training did so on the basis of their technical abilities and in-depth understanding of cybersecurity.

How useful or important are the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CompTIA Security+ certifications?

The training for these certifications help to provide a basic understanding of the terms and theoretical concepts if cybersecurity. However, it is inadequate in helping you gain the practical cybersecurity skills necessary to secure an entry-level role in the industry.

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