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We help individuals with little-to-no IT background secure a cybersecurity career in 6-to-12 months through hands-on training and career guidance.

Industry-relevant Curriculum

Immerse yourself in an up-to-date curriculum, tailored to meet the evolving demands of the cybersecurity sector.

Hands-on Training

Our real-world, practical training ensures you don't just know the theory, but can confidently apply it in your job.

Career Guidance & Support

Every student is assigned a dedicated career coach to assist in securing a cybersecurity job.

Community Access

Be part of an expansive network of cybersecurity professionals, opening doors to invaluable insights, collaborations, and opportunities.

Our graduates have been hired by the best

Singapore Flyer
ST Engineering
T Systems
Ensign Infosecurity
Goldman Sachs

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Step 01

Attend The Free Information Session

A free 45 minute online webinar that provides insights on how to get started on your cybersecurity career.

Step 02

Attend the Cybersecurity Experiential Workshop

A 7-hour workshop to try cybersecurity first-hand. Gauge your interest while assessing our training style.

Step 03

Signup for the Career Kickstart Programme

A comprehensive 6-month programme equipping you with all essentials to launch your career in the industry.

Free Information Session Registration

Navigating the cybersecurity field can be daunting with lots of information, certifications, and varied advice on how to get started.

Our free 45-minute webinar is designed to provide clear guidance on entering the industry, whether through our programme or not.

What you can expect to learn from this session:

Cybersecurity Industry Overview

The Keys To Breaking Into The Industry

How We Guide You To A Cybersecurity Career

Career-focused Cybersecurity Programmes

Student Success Metrics

People from various backgrounds have successfully transitioned into cybersecurity with us.

Our unique blend of practical training, career guidance, and community engagement has enabled numerous mid-career individuals with little-to-no IT background to transition seamlessly into cybersecurity roles.


Average Annual Starting Salary for CFC Graduates

Our graduates possess in-demand skills that command respectable remuneration packages in the cybersecurity industry.


Employment Rate

A dual approach of cybersecurity training and career guidance provide our graduates with the best chance of securing a cybersecurity career.


Students Till Date

Over 300+ individuals have kickstarted their cybersecurity career journey with us.

What our students say about our courses

Fostering High Quality Foundational Understanding of Cybersecurity

I was introduced to cybersecurity and I got curious about what this field entailed. I joined the cybersecurity courses by CFC and had a whole new experience.

The job placement opportunity towards the end provided me with multiple interview opportunities and a role in a MNC.

The trainers were patient and extremely detailed, they made sure no student was left behind as the course can be challenging at times.

I would have never thought I could become a cybersecurity professional in just 6 months.

CFC Alumni
Fostering High Quality Foundational Understanding of Cybersecurity

Kickstarting Lucrative Cybersecurity Careers

CFC's Career Kickstart cybersecurity course gave me the necessary skills to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. The hands-on elements of the course allowed me to acquire actual cybersecurity skills that employers value.

Anyone who wants an actual shot at a cybersecurity career shouldn't think twice about joining CFC.

CFC Alumni
Kickstarting Lucrative Cybersecurity Careers

Supportive Training: Detailed Guidance for Every Student

The experience was incredible; I discovered a true passion for cybersecurity. This course made a career transition into cybersecurity not only possible but exciting, even without prior IT background.

CFC Alumni
Supportive Training: Detailed Guidance for Every Student

Empowering Technical and Soft Skills Development

I've referred numerous friends to CFC. Centre for Cybersecurity has been instrumental in my personal and technical development, significantly advancing my IT and cybersecurity skills. It's provided me with the finest education, and I'm eager to pursue further education with CFC.

CFC Alumni
Empowering Technical and Soft Skills Development

Unparalleled Cybersecurity Learning Experience

The cybersecurity course surpassed my expectations and is on a level of its own, which made it one of the better decisions I’ve had the privilege to make. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a high-quality foundational understanding of cybersecurity and the practical skills associated with said level of knowledge.

CFC Alumni
Unparalleled Cybersecurity Learning Experience

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