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Centre For Cybersecurity is a Singapore-based cybersecurity training provider for continuous cybersecurity training, education and work placement.

We are the only cybersecurity training organisation in Singapore that trains using a top-of-the-line cybersecurity simulator used by governmental, military and private organisations globally.

Our Mission

To empower individuals with hands-on cybersecurity training and empathetic mentorship, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities through a cybersecurity career.

Our Goal

To be Singapore's premier cybersecurity training hub, creating skilled professionals dedicated to securing organisations and communities.

Our Vision

To provide accessible cybersecurity education in Singapore, crafting a community of skilled professionals dedicated to safeguarding organisations and positively impacting society.

Our Philosophy


We believe our students are the future leaders of cybersecurity and commit to their development and career growth.


We believe clarity in understanding the evolving cybersecurity industry enables us to effectively guide our students in this dynamic market.


We believe learning and career growth is enhanced through shared knowledge and kinship.


We focus on being relevant to ensure the information and cybersecurity skills we provide have real-world impact.

Proudly Supported by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has audited and given its full support to the Centre For Cybersecurity.

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Students In 2 Years

1Comprising of current and graduated students 2As of 31st October 2023


Students Not From
IT/Cyber Background

1As of 31st October 2023


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*As of 31st October 2023

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