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Entering Cybersecurity:

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started

Breaking into the cybersecurity industry can be tricky. There is much information, certifications, training courses and opinions on how to start learning cybersecurity and eventually attain a career. 

We created this free webinar to help individuals gain clarity on how to break into the industry - regardless if it's with our training programme or not. 

Topics covered:

  1. An overview of cybersecurity

    • What cybersecurity roles are there?

    • What type of job is cybersecurity?

    • What is the salary and career progression like in cybersecurity? 

  2. How to break into the cybersecurity industry

    • What skills are needed in cybersecurity?​

    • Which cybersecurity certifications are helpful, and which are a waste of time/money?

    • Can you enter cybersecurity without any IT/coding background?

  3. How CFC helps our students get a cybersecurity career 

    • The cybersecurity skills we impart to you.

    • How our past students secured cybersecurity roles in 6 months.

    • Details of the cybersecurity courses we offer.

Webinar Details:

1. Date: See the booking calendar below

2. Location: Online (Zoom)

3. Price: FREE

4. Duration: 45min - 60min

Info Session Booking
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