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Proudly Supported by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)

Helping individuals and businesses globally secure their future through world-class cybersecurity training and education.

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We help individuals and companies acquire effective cyber defence skills through industry-relevant and real-world practical training.

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01 / Assess

Every individual's skill, aspiration and expectations are assessed before training begins to ensure our training is suitable and can achieve their objective.

02 / Train

All courses are conducted through a hands-on approach using a cybersecurity simulator that provides real-world operating environments.

Our curriculum is mapped to what the cybersecurity industry required, ensuring that the skills attained in training can be deployed in the real world.

03 / Support

Students are guided before, during and after our cybersecurity training programmes, including 1-to-1 guidance, career support and individual consultations. Students are also able to find support through our network of cybersecurity graduates.

Programs for
individuals and businesses

Skills ready for the future

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Master the foundational concepts, paving the way for advanced study and a robust cybersecurity career.

Network Research

Dive into network intricacies to understand vulnerabilities to ensure optimal data security in any organisation.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Learn how to vigilantly monitor and rapidly counter threats, fortifying an organisation's digital defences.

Penetration Testing

Adopt an attacker's mindset, probing systems to enhance defences and outpace cyber adversaries.

Network Security

Explore various network and organisational domain security weaknesses using diverse network hacking strategies.

Web Application Security

Secure online platforms to guard user data against evolving web-based cyber challenges.

Windows Forensics

Understand data storage mechanisms Windows OS and acquire the skills to conduct investigations during and post cyber incidents.

Malware Analysis

Examine malware to understand its origins, purpose, and potential impact on digital systems.

Student Success Numbers


Employment Rate

A dual approach of cybersecurity training and career guidance provide our graduates with the best chance of securing a cybersecurity career.


Students Till Date

Over 300+ individuals have kickstarted their cybersecurity career journey with us.


Higher Than Average Remuneration

Our graduates receive higher-than-average remuneration upon entering a cybersecurity role

You're In Good Company

Companies who trust our graduates to keep them secure.

Fostering High Quality Foundational Understanding of Cybersecurity

I was introduced to cybersecurity and I got curious about what this field entailed. I joined the cybersecurity courses by CFC and had a whole new experience.

The job placement opportunity towards the end provided me with multiple interview opportunities and a role in a MNC.

The trainers were patient and extremely detailed, they made sure no student was left behind as the course can be challenging at times.

I would have never thought I could become a cybersecurity professional in just 6 months.

Hired by
CFC Alumni

Kickstarting Lucrative Cybersecurity Careers

CFC's Career Kickstart cybersecurity course gave me the necessary skills to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. The hands-on elements of the course allowed me to acquire actual cybersecurity skills that employers value.

Anyone who wants an actual shot at a cybersecurity career shouldn't think twice about joining CFC.

Hired by
CFC Alumni

Supportive Training: Detailed Guidance for Every Student

The experience was incredible; I discovered a true passion for cybersecurity. This course made a career transition into cybersecurity not only possible but exciting, even without prior IT background.

Hired by
CFC Alumni

Empowering Technical and Soft Skills Development

I've referred numerous friends to CFC. Centre for Cybersecurity has been instrumental in my personal and technical development, significantly advancing my IT and cybersecurity skills. It's provided me with the finest education, and I'm eager to pursue further education with CFC.

Hired by
CFC Alumni

Unparalleled Cybersecurity Learning Experience

The cybersecurity course surpassed my expectations and is on a level of its own, which made it one of the better decisions I’ve had the privilege to make. I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a high-quality foundational understanding of cybersecurity and the practical skills associated with said level of knowledge.

Hired by
CFC Alumni

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